A Message to Post Abortive Women

The Choices Pregnancy Centers offers you a place to share your pain, guilt and shame following an abortion(s).

Depending on your personality, background, and circumstances, post abortion symptoms may appear almost immediately for some, while for others it may be years later, or seemingly never.

It may seem strange that something that is “legal” and that was put in place to eliminate “a problem” could not only cause such strong emotions, but also lead to so many other problems. However, when you consider that a life was lost… your child’s… it really isn’t so odd.

There are few places in our society where you are allowed to grieve the life of that aborted child — hence, unresolved grief and pain. For this reason, the remorse, shame, anger, unforgiveness and sorrow not only grows, but leads to other negative results.

At The Choices Pregnancy Centers we can offer you a place to be healed in a loving, non-judgmental, confidential environment.

Here you have counselors available to you, most of whom are post-abortive women also, who have felt many of the things you have felt, but have been wonderfully healed. We would love to help you be healed also.

You will not be alone in your grief. All it requires is an open heart and a willingness to commit to your recovery journey. The results can be a new life of restoration and freedom!

Our healing studies can be done one-on-one with a counselor or in a private small group. The study that is best for you will be decided when you meet with a counselor.

If a study holds no appeal to you but you need a listening ear and an open, loving heart, we want to be there for you as well. If the thought of even coming in scares you, e-mail me Susan Little and we can communicate through email until you feel safe.

There is really no reason for you to carry this alone any longer. There is help. Call 602-508-3370 or email Susan Little to set up a confidential appointment.