Abortion vs. Adoption

The Choices Pregnancy Centers (CPC) strive to provide up-to-date and medically accurate information for both abortion and adoption.

Most of the women that find their way into one of our Metro-Phoenix centers, to discover for the first time or to confirm that they are pregnant, would admit that they are completely unprepared to deal with the situation. They quite often feel overwhelmed and confused. For this reason some women seek to resolve the problem of an unplanned pregnancy as soon as possible so their life can return to “normal” again.

Since abortion is available, legal, and a seemingly quick solution to their “problem,” many women consider this as the best option for them. Our role at CPC is to offer the most current and medically accurate information about the option of abortion, including the risks associated with it.

As with any other medical procedure, a person has a right to know what will take place during the procedure and the possible risks and side effects associated with it. In addition, we believe that introducing the option of adoption (or placement) adds a healthier and more satisfying alternative to abortion that might not have been considered.

Adoption is not the quick solution that abortion appears to be. However, it contains none of the physical and medical risks associated with abortion (provided it is a normal, healthy pregnancy and delivery).

CPC works closely with the Christian Family Care Agency (CFCA), a licensed and accredited adoption agency in the Phoenix metro area. Their Pregnancy Assistance Counselors come along side those CPC clients who opt to place their babies with a family that our clients choose themselves.

From early in their pregnancy all the way through delivery and after placement, CFCA Pregnancy Assistance Counselors make themselves available to our clients to help support them through legal issues and emotional adjustments that inevitably follow the adoption process.

The truth is that when a woman faces an unplanned pregnancy her life will change no matter which option she chooses. She has three.

  1. She can chose to parent,
  2. She can choose to have an abortion
  3. She can choose to place her child with another family to care for the child when she couldn’t or wouldn’t.

If a woman would not consider parenting her child for whatever reason, she is then left with two options. She can have an abortion or she can carry her child to term and place him or her with someone that desires the responsibility of raising a child.

Ultimately, this woman who initially found herself in the middle of an unplanned pregnancy will resolve it somehow. The question is will she resolve this problem with a life giving solution? Will she work through the difficult issues of loss but still have the knowledge that she gave life to an innocent child and a gift of love to a couple or family with much to give in return. Or will she opt for the seemingly quick solution to her “problem,” and later regret that she chose to end the life of her child as well as potentially suffer from physical and emotional pain that cannot be reversed. The choice is hers.

However, we want to walk with you during this unexpected season in your life, and to help ensure that you make an informed and healthy decision.

It is very important to consider all the information about the options of both abortion and adoption when making a decision about an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

At CPC, we believe that a woman has the right to make a choice. But we also realize that if it is not an “informed choice,” it is really no choice at all.

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