Talking To Your Parents About An Unplanned Pregnancy

1. Don’t Panic! How To Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

It’s not easy to tell your parents you’re pregnant. CPC can help you, that’s why we are here.

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We can help you work through the issues you are facing. It is normal for you to feel anxious and afraid of having the conversation. It is not unusual to “fear the worst” and feel stuck, not knowing how to begin talking about what your are going through and about being pregnant.

We have helped thousands of teens talk with their parents and be able to move beyond the initial hurt, anger, and fear of communicating. We never minimize the fact that this isn’t the best news parents can hear, but we also know that with a little help and time, even the most difficult situations can be overcome and relationships can be even better and stronger than before.

While the news of an unplanned pregnancy could very well hurt your parents (it often does), they will survive (they always do). Though it may not always look like it, most parents do love their children and want to be there for them when they are hurting or scared.

Every family is different. If your parents have a hard time expressing their love, you may need to turn to other family members or friends for emotional support. However, it could be that your unplanned pregnancy will be an event that draws your family closer together.

2. Don’t Put It Off!

Unless your parents are capable of physical abuse, it is best to tell them as soon as possible. More than likely, they are going to find out, they might even be suspicious now, and they would rather hear the news from you than from someone else.

3. Plan Your Approach-Your CPC Client Advocate can help you make a plan to tell your parents.


You don’t have to go through this alone. You know your parents, how they deal with problems, and the “right/best” time to speak with them. You may want to wait until they are relaxed and easier to talk to or it may be best if you were not around when they received the news.

Your CPC client advocate will sit with you, listen to your concerns, and help you think through how to communicate with your parents. Your client advocate can role play with you how to tell your parents, and can offer you a “dear parent” letter to give your parents, that tenderly tells them you have come to the CPC for a pregnancy test and are “# weeks pregnant”. The letter continues with assurances of understanding, help and support, and closes with an invitation for them to come to the center and speak with the client advocate and you together. This letter can be put by your parents morning coffee cup, or inside mom’s purse, or dad’s brief case, or coat pocket.

4. What Are Some Other Ways I Can Tell Them?

It’s usually best face to face, with one parent at a time. Sitting down to talk things over, in a quiet corner of a public place like restaurant, or library can be helpful. However if the thought of telling your parents in person frightens you, here are some other ideas

    • Write them a card, or letter personally, and mail it to them or leave it in their room. After they have read it you could sit down and talk with them (best done one parent at a time-with the one you have the best relationship with)
    • You could send them an email
    • You could call them on the telephone, some teens feel more comfortable talking on the phone

5. What If They Want Me To Have An Abortion?

Some parents initially insist upon abortion out of fear that their child’s future will ruined because of the pregnancy, or fear that they will be left to care for the baby. The fact is that no parent or any person can force you to have an abortion; the laws protect your choices. Even as a minor you have the right to have your baby, and to parent or to place your child for adoption in a loving home that you can select.

Instead of reacting to your parents, it will help if you to listen to your parents, trying to understand what they might be feeling in order to be sensitive to their concerns. Then you need to come up with a responsible plan of action. What parents usually need to see is that you have seriously thought everything through, and that you are willing to take responsibility for yourself, your future and the future of your child. Your client advocate can help you practically work through the issues, options and available resources and CPC is here to help facilitate communication between you and your parents anytime it is needed.

If you are pregnant, you not only have yourself to think of now, but also your parents, and the little life growing inside you. It’s time to be strong, act wisely, and do the right thing. CPC can support you as you think through your options and the issues you are facing. There are many possibilities available to you that you and your parents might not be aware of. Your CPC client advocate can help you weigh the options, choices and resources available.

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  • How will I find a job?
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  • What if I need a place to live?

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