Abortion Procedure After Care & Help


If you have recently had an abortion and are struggling with anything that happened before, during, or after the procedure, there is help for you, you do not have to struggle alone.

The following AFTER-ABORTION PROCEDURE CHECKLIST will help you evaluate what has happened and evaluate if there is anything further that you need assistance with or care for.


Regardless of your age, marital status, or any other factor, no one has the legal right to make you have an abortion. In the end it is your choice and so you have ultimate responsibility for this decision, and no one else.


  •  Were you physically or emotionally injured as a result of your abortion?
  •  Were you mislead or lied to by the doctor or any other employee of the abortion clinic?
  •  Was the abortion done against your will or without your written permission?
  •  Did anyone tell you that you couldn’t change your mind about having the abortion?
  •  Were you assaulted, physically detained, or otherwise treated improperly at the clinic?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, contact your nearest CPC for help.


Abortion injuries can be fatal. If you experienced any complications following your abortion seek medical attention immediately.


If you obtained an abortion without telling your parents, and have experienced any complications from your abortion let your parents or legal guardians know about it immediately. Abortion injuries can be fatal and your parents or primary caregivers are the ones best equipped to help you get the medical attention you need.

If you are afraid to tell your parents, CPC is ready to help you communicate with your parents or guardian. If you are having a medical emergency DO NOT WAIT, go directly to a hospital emergency room for help.

(CPC can provide confidential, private, and free medical follow-up, legal counsel, or post abortion recovery healing support for those who have experienced any: negligence, abuse, or malpractice from the abortion provider, doctor, or clinic that performed or participated in the abortion procedure or medical care of the patient.)