Abortion Recovery

“Abortion is not some magical surgery which turns back time to make a woman ‘unpregnant.’ Instead, it is a real-life event which is always very stressful and often traumatic.”

(Dr. David Reardon)

Restoration to a New Beginning

If you are reading this now it is probably because you or someone you know is hurting. Far more common and difficult to heal are the scars left by abortion on the inside. You may be holding in strong emotions that keep erupting to the surface or be carrying around a general and vague numbness inside.

Whatever you are going through, it may be of comfort to you to know that there is actually a name for what you are experiencing. Post-Abortion Stress/Trauma (PAS/T) is a recognized condition which results from the unresolved psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a past abortion. You may begin to see some of the effects of your trauma as you struggle to work through conflicting thoughts and feelings regarding your past abortion.

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You cannot help but be changed by what has happened to you and your unborn child. While some women begin to feel the emotional consequences of their abortion immediately, others may not be aware of any lingering internal disturbances until five, 10, 25 years later. But as one woman has said: “Once I laid on that table, I was never the same again!”

Again, not all people will have identical experiences or reactions to the trauma of a past abortion. Some women do well by talking to family members or friends and by proactively taking care of themselves. Others need special attention in the form of post-abortion recovery counseling. The most important thing is to recognize what your specific needs are and then take positive steps toward meeting them.

The friendly and knowledgeable abortion recovery counselors at any of our centers would be more than happy to spend whatever time is necessary with you processing your experience. We would also be happy to provide you with any number of resources to help you through this difficult season. Please do not hesitate to contact us now by calling (602) 508-3370 or emailing Susan Little.

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