Being A Mom

When a woman becomes pregnant and has a baby, does that mean she is now a mom? Well technically yes, but that is really just the beginning. Motherhood does begin at pregnancy but it also extends all throughout that woman’s life, even past the point of her death. In reality, a mother’s legacy and influence can be seen down through the generations that follow her.

We at the Choices Pregnancy Centers believe that being a mom is an extremely important, though sadly undervalued (in our culture), role. Being a mom is more important than being CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a professional athlete. For the truth is, no person has the same opportunity to influence and shape another person as a parent does.

The Importance Of A Mom

Children need their moms when they are very young to cuddle and nurture them by keeping them warm, clean, and fed. A child develops a sense of security or lack thereof from the very moment they are born. Close holding, bonding, and cuddling play are a huge part of establishing that sense of security.

Moms are vital in helping to establish the rhythm of life as their children grow by developing routines and daily regimens that surround normal activities such as waking, eating, dressing, playing, bathing, sleeping, etc.

Moms are also valuable in the area of socializing their children as they get older and, by nature, are away from her more. A mom’s consistent reliability will help to assure the child that it’s okay to be away from her and that she will always return for him.

Moms also teach their children how to play and interact with other children. Overall, a mom who models good behavior, and is consistent with teaching, training, and administering proper discipline, plays a major and irreplaceable role in the formation of a child’s personality, especially in the first several years of his or her life.

Dads Are Also Important

Many of the above descriptions about being a mom can also be said about being a dad. (For more information about being a dad, click here.) It is true that a father can care for his children in many of the same ways a mother can. He can hold, cuddle, feed, bathe, and clothe them, etc. Dads also help to socialize their children.

The important thing to remember about being moms and dads is that each plays a unique role in the life of a growing and developing child. They both must seek to contribute to the care, training, and discipline that are needed to raise a child. The difference is in the way these elements are embodied and manifested both in the mom and the dad toward the child.

Because men and women are different they will relate to their children differently. Children need to see and experience the love and caring of both a mom—in a healthy feminine way—and a dad—in a healthy masculine way—to get a well-rounded perspective on life. Both the role of a mom and a dad are equal in importance, and so, essential in the life of a growing and developing child. Neither is greater than the other. They only differ from each other in their function and role. (If the biological parents are unavailable to raise the child for whatever reason, a mother or father-figure involved in the life of the child can perform the same irreplaceable role.)