Pregnancy Information

Had Sex? Got Questions? Afraid you might be pregnant?
Missed your period? Scared to tell anyone? Need to talk?

We are here for you. If you are looking for confidential, trusted, caring, private, FREE pregnancy testing & options support, we are ready to help you. You have choices. We can help you look at all your options and support you through your decision making process.

We understand the concern, fear, confusion, and even panic you may be feeling. Facing an unwanted, unplanned, or untimely pregnancy can be difficult. But, you don’t have to go through this alone. CPC is here for you.

In a confidential, private setting, you can meet with a caring client advocate, talk about your issues and concerns, get a free pregnancy test and nurse consultation, ask all your questions about the test results, and talk about what next steps are available for you.

Some of your main concerns may be:

Your client advocate will talk with you about your situation, listen to what you are feeling and what you are most concerned about, provide you with factual and accurate education on all your options, and support you as you work through your next steps.

It is reassuring to know that you don’t have to go through this alone. No matter what your circumstances and concerns are, we will seek to understand, and to help you sort out the issues that seem so overwhelming now.


  • Pregnancy Testing & Verification
  • Nurse Consultation
  • Ultrasound to confirm the results of a positive pregnancy test
  • Pregnancy Options Education
  • Info on Abortion Procedures & Risks
  • Info on Morning After Pill & RU-486 Abortion Pill
  • Abortion Recovery Counseling
  • Relationship & Family Communication Support
  • Adoption Info & Support
  • Physician Referrals
  • AHCCCS application
  • Free Health Care Referrals
  • CPC Parenting Classes & Baby Boutique
  • Community Referrals for :
    • Pregnancy Programs
    • Housing
    • Maternity Homes
    • Childcare
    • Education
    • Job Training & Employment
    • Legal Counsel
    • Paternity Issues
    • Shelter:
      • Abuse
      • Rehab
      • and more