Do You know The Risks?

STDs – Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Are more common than you may think!

If you are involved sexually, or if you think you’re going to have sex with someone, you need to Know the Risks

Beware… Your partner may not know he/she has an STD – the majority of those infected do not know their condition.

Caution… Your partner may not tell you the truth if he/she has been sexually active in the past.

Danger… You can have an STD and have no symptoms for weeks, months, possibly years. STDs are contagious even though no symptoms exist.

Alert… Young women’s bodies are more susceptible biologically to STDs.

Important… It is extremely important to see a health care provider for a check-up if you or your partner have had a sexual experience outside of marriage even though no symptoms exist.

Attention… Condoms do not provide complete protection from any STD or pregnancy. Infection can occur in both males and females whether or not a condom is used.


Note: Testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is available at all center locations.